Powerful new book from MassResistance documents the unreported truth: Corrupt Bargains: How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts.

First state in U.S. - which led to transforming the country.

Tells what really happened – including the cave-ins by "conservatives." The only detailed history of these sordid events.

Hitting a nerve: The book has already been “cancelled” by conservative establishment and big tech!

April 17, 2023
ALT TEXT Homosexual groups with their signs demonstrating for "gay marriage" in front of the State House. [All photos by MassResistance except where noted.]

America was shocked in November 2003 when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court invented the phony “right” of same-sex marriage by a thin 4-3 vote. Virtually no one thought this could actually happen.

The ruling eventually ignited nearly a decade of “culture war” battles across the country. Thirty-two states passed either constitutional amendments (many by 75%-80%) or state-wide laws banning same-sex marriage. Other states passed laws specifically legalizing it. And it culminated (for now) in the U.S. Supreme Court’s outlandish 2015 Obergefell ruling and the 2022 federal same-sex marriage law that have forced it on everyone.

But “gay marriage” could have been derailed back in Massachusetts. There was a huge effort to do that, and it should have been successful. What most people don’t realize is that everything that the pro-family movement did to try to stop it – including failed constitutional amendments (and much more) – was thwarted by sleazy and illegal political tactics and backroom deals – including by those supposedly on our side. Some of it was out in the open, and much of it was under cover. Many of those tactics were used again in later “marriage” battles. But most of what actually took place was never reported properly in the media and has been forgotten – until now.

Amy Contrada, a long-time activist and our MassResistance research director, was deep in that fight and has documented in detail what really happened – often behind the scenes. She has written an extraordinary 580-page book, Corrupt Bargains, that tells the entire story.

Corrupt Bargains is a case study of how corrupt government officials circumvent constitutional governance. The book provides a front-row view of these precedent-setting events. It has rescued rare sources from the memory hole, with up-to-date links in the 900 endnotes.

Here are just a few things that most people don’t know (or don’t remember):

ALT TEXT During the Constitutional Amendment proceedings. Homosexual groups on right side of street (in front of the State House); pro-family groups on left side, across the street.
ALT TEXT Also during the proceedings, hundreds of homosexual activists flooded the State House.
ALT TEXT Across the street from the State House, these Russian immigrants weren't afraid to tell it like it is. They told us, "Americans don't get it!"
ALT TEXT After the vote to kill the final constitutional amendment in June 2007, the Governor, Speaker of the House, Senate President, and other dignitaries (along with homosexual lobbyists and organizers) came out to the steps of the State House to give congratulatory speeches to the homosexual activists still outside - and humiliate the pro-family people.

Corrupt Bargains is the only documentary account of the corrupt maneuvering of politicians and pro-LGBT special interest groups during this constitutional crisis (2001-2007). Massachusetts developed the template for the deceptive political strategies that would dupe the conservative establishment and citizenry across the country. The tactics behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling on same-sex marriage were crafted in Massachusetts.

The successful LGBT strategy was to ignore questions of morality and public health, invent "rights," demand "fairness" and "equality," and flood the zone with emotional propaganda. And repeat over and over that the court ruling is "law"!

The achievement of same-sex marriage cleared the way for the next big goal of the sexual radicals: transgender rights.

See the website describing the book.

Book is snubbed by conservative establishment and cancelled by Big Tech

The conservative movement has, unfortunately, become largely pro-“gay” (though they’re still struggling with the “trans” issue). This book doesn’t pull punches and obviously hits a nerve. As a result, this topic seems to be off the table for the conservative publishing industry.

Top “right-leaning” or “open-minded” publishers refused to even consider publishing this book, and none of them would even email a “thanks-but-no-thanks” rejection. Here are three we contacted:

Skyhorse Publishing – which has published controversial books: RFK Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci; Alex Jones’s The Great Reset and the War for the World; Edward Dowd’s Cause Unknown - The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022; and Dr. Robert Malone’s Lies My Gov't Told Me.

Post Hill Press – recently published Steve Deace & Daniel Horowitz’s Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting Covid Fascism.

Republic Book Publishers – publishers of Angelo Codevilla’s The Ruling Class;  David Kupelian’s The Marketing of Evil and The Snapping of the American Mind; Barack Obama's True Legacy; and The Soros Agenda.

Needless to say, no conservative book agent would touch Corrupt Bargains!

And of course, Big Tech blocked it. As an alternative, we set up a shopping cart on Square to handle sales of the book. Within a few days, Square abruptly deactivated the account without citing any particular reason. As they informed us in a terse email:

The decision to deactivate the account is final. Due to the obligations of our agreements with card networks and other financial institutions, we can’t reverse this decision.

We are exercising our discretion under Section 37(b) of the Payment Terms in our decision to deactivate your Square account.

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ALT TEXT Amy Contrada and her blockbuster book!
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