Idaho MassResistance forces city library to have NO “Pride” display this year. Unrelenting pro-family activism sent a strong message!

Pro-LGBT library director & staff gave in to the pressure!

The city and county governments also got the message and did NOT celebrate “Pride Month” this year.

June 30, 2023
ALT TEXT A prominent display table last June with LGBT themes (left) - and this June with normal children's books.

Last year during June, the Marshall Library in Pocatello, Idaho had a big “LGBT Pride” display in the front of the library. Tables and shelves promoted homosexual and transgender books for young children, teenagers, and adults. Many citizens were outraged.

ALT TEXT Here's what children and teenagers were greeted with last June as they entered the Marshall Public Library.

But during June this year, there was no “Pride” display. The tables and shelves at the front instead promoted normal books.


This is despite the fact that their activist library director who is so committed to the pro-LGBT agenda of the American Library Association that he ran for president of the organization this year (but lost in the final round of the election).

Here’s what made the difference

Basically, the local Pocatello officials ran into a pro-family buzz-saw. Since the beginning of the year, numerous local Idaho MassResistance activists were relentless in opposing the obscene children’s books, the radical LGBT ideology pushed on the community, and the arrogance of their public officials.

For example:

And then came “Pride Month” …

After all this, it appears the city officials and library staff sensed that pushing “Pride Month” this June would heat up the outrage considerably. Apparently they decided they’d had enough.

There was no “Pride Month” display at the library. And moreover, the city of Pocatello did not promote Pride Month on its website, as it had last year. Even Bannock County, where Pocatello is located, did not celebrate Pride Month this year.

Not only that, but the library has now taken steps to start moving obscene LGBT books to “adult” parts of the library, to ensure that they are not as readily available to children. (The library is actually going to close down for two days to complete that task.) Of course, this change is not enough, but it shows that our team's efforts are moving things in the right direction.

Final thoughts

We’ve often said that the LGBT agenda is a house of cards. It’s held up by intimidation, fear, propaganda, lies, and money. Start removing some of that, and it begins to collapse.

Our Idaho parents are chipping away at the LGBT agenda. Before too long we expect they will completely rid the library of the pornography and other obscene material. People across the country can do this, too!

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