Following MassResistance efforts there, Kyrgyzstan passes strong law protecting children from LGBT propaganda

A model for other Central Asian countries confronting Western cultural imperialism

Pro-LGBT leftists complain it’s “censorship” and restricts children’s “access to information.”

Video by MassResistance about the law, requested by local activists, being sent across the region!

September 19, 2023
ALT TEXT As soon as the bill was passed by the Kyrgyzstan Parliament, the leftist media attacked it for keeping LGBT "information" from children. But the pro-family momentum was there and the President signed it into law.

Here is an international story that we’re happy to report, in contrast to all the negative news from around the world.

Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia located between China and Kazakhstan. It was part of the USSR before declaring its independence in 1991. It is approximately 90% Muslim and very conservative on family issues.


The LGBT agenda pushed in by foreign money

Starting in 2019, Kyrgyzstan’s pro-family movement began protesting the LGBT agenda coming into their country. It was being pushed through foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and foreign non-profits. The Kyrgyzstan government was simply allowing it to happen, and people were outraged.

MassResistance joins the fight

As we reported, in December 2022, the Kyrgyzstan pro-family movement became aware of a U.S. State Department grant to a Kyrgyzstan LGBT organization with broad plans to promote the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism and to transform the country’s culture.

The pro-family people were shocked and incensed at this. They reached out to MassResistance for help. It was decided to communicate a strong message against this to the top government officials – to halt this funding and its agenda. Since they knew some members of the Parliament, it was decided to create a video which would be presented to the Kyrgyzstan president, Sadyr Japarov.

ALT TEXT Our MassResistance pro-family leader in Kyrgyzstan.

They asked Arthur Schaper, our Field Director at MassResistance, to create the video message. They felt that since Arthur is an American, he would have more credibility in imploring them to counter the U.S. State Department’s actions. In February 2023, Arthur made the video. They quickly translated it into the Kyrgyz language and began sending it to their allies in the government and fellow pro-family activists.

The message spreads!

Over the next few months, the MassResistance video made a huge splash across Kyrgyzstan and other countries in Central Asia.

As we reported, on March 14, a prominent podcaster in the neighboring country Kazakhstan featured MassResistance's message, then a few weeks later she interviewed Arthur on her show. On March 28, a professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences published an article on a Kyrgyzstan site reacting to Arthur’s warning. The video’s message was also covered on several Central Asian news sites, and even a prominent Russian web magazine.

ALT TEXT This prominent podcaster in Kazakhstan featured MassResistance's message. Her audience was shocked at what they learned.

The government responds – and passes a landmark child protection bill!

The video also made a big splash politically. The Kyrgyzstan activists sent it to nearly every government official. And they demanded some action. As a result, legislators began taking a stand to stop pro-LGBT funding from coming into the country!

But the real problem wasn’t just the funding grants coming in. It seemed as if there was a Western-based LGBT propaganda war targeting the country’s children coming from all angles: books, social media, Big Tech, the leftwing media, and local “gay” organizations. But with the relentless work by the activists, the politicians were finally being forced to recognize that.

In June came a huge breakthrough. A strong bill protecting children from LGBT propaganda and other destructive agendas made its way through the Parliament and was passed on June 22. All that needed to happen was for the President to sign it.

In particular, the bill attacks a mainstay of the LGBT agenda. It bans “denying family and traditional social values, promoting non-traditional sexual relations and forming disrespect for parents or other family members.” Moreover, it broadly applies to media and even social media.

Not surprisingly, as soon as it passed in Parliament, the leftist media in the region immediately started attacking the bill, saying it was “a crude effort at censorship” and an attempt to stop children’s “access to information.” They complained it is intended to “marginalize minority communities.” They urged the President not to sign it.

But on August 15, our Kyrgyzstan MassResistance leader emailed us with the exciting news:

Our team has succeeded in passing the law. Yesterday Sadyr Japarov, the President of Kyrgyzstan signed a law aimed at banning propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations in the country. The new law amends existing legislation to create a safer information environment and protect children and adolescents. This includes a ban on the dissemination of information that denies family and traditional values in the media. Violators will be held liable in accordance with the Kyrgyz Code of Offenses.

According to press reports, the country intends to work with Facebook and other Big Tech companies to ensure their compliance with the law.

The day after the President signed it into law, a prominent pro-family magazine in Krgyzstan sent out this in-your-face graphic responding to the leftist media:

ALT TEXT The translation: LGBT propaganda is banned in Kyrgyzstan

A second video for Central Asia from MassResistance!

The day after the President signed the bill into law, our Kyrgyzstan MassResistance leader contacted us with this request:

Could you film a video presentation about the importance of the pro-family agenda in Kyrgyzstan and send your video to me?  We will translate it into the Russian and Kyrgyz languages. Afterwards we will disseminate this video among the Russian communities on social media.

So Arthur got right to work and created another short video with a strong message of congratulations to the people of Kyrgyzstan – and urging pro-family activists to expand their great work around Central Asia. Here is the English version:

VIDEO: MassResistance congratulates the people of Kyrgyzstan (7 min 44 sec)

We are looking for more great pro-family action in that part of the world!

 Final thoughts

Our Kyrgyzstan leader noted this was a very courageous act by the Kyrgyzstan politicians. He told us that most of the Kyrgyz official authorities have felt they are dependent on accepting the Western LGBT agenda because of the overall financial aid from the West – and they are afraid of sanctions. That’s why no one from the Kyrgyz government and Kyrgyz Parliament has, until now, supported or financed any pro-life or pro-family projects.

But this time the pressure to protect children won! It’s a great victory.

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