Newspapers, TV, politicians, LGBT groups attack MassResistance for stopping “pride flag” requirement in California city.

Leftist attacks from across Southern California – even Florida and the U.K.

We must be doing something right!

May 29, 2024
ALT TEXT The headline on the NBC News website in Los Angeles.

You can tell you’re being effective by the hysterical reaction of the mainstream media and leftist politicians.

Last week we reported that outcry and pressure from our local California MassResistance chapter in Downey, a suburb of Los Angeles, made the City Council derail their annual “pride flag” requirement.

For the previous three years, the City Council had required the “pride flag” be flown on city buildings during “gay pride month” in June. But this year, the City Council backed down to outraged citizens and passed a “neutral flag” policy declaring that only government flags (so no pride flag!) could fly at city buildings.

To the average person, this makes perfect sense. Why should the government require flying a flag that represents a nasty anti-Christian movement promoting unhealthy and destructive behavior? But the LGBT movement and its allies were furious. They insist that the public must be forced to accept and accommodate their symbol. No disagreement is acceptable.

So almost immediately, MassResistance was attacked by leftist media, politicians, and LGBT groups across Southern California. Attacks came from as far away as Florida and the U.K.

Mainstream media have abandoned any pretense of objectivity on the “LGBT rights” issue. They vigorously use the tactic of portraying homosexuals and transgenders as victims (not aggressors!) and anyone who disagrees as a Nazi or bigot. A favorite hammer is the phony “hate group” label from the universally discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a scam used by leftist reporters to smear numerous conservative organizations.

Here’s a sample of the leftist outrage against MassResistance in the days following the Downey City Council vote from media, politicians, and rabid LGBT groups.

Mainstream media

Los Angeles Times. They attack MassResistance in their article as well as numerous officials. But not surprisingly, they don't allow any Downey citizens (or us!) to present the other side.


AOL and Yahoo! News-UK. Both almost immediately reprinted the Los Angeles Times article

NBC News – Los Angeles. This used an extended “hate group” attack by the “gay” mayor, but also included a quote from Arthur explaining how the local citizens felt.

VIDEO: NBC News report (2 min 37 sec)

ABC News – Los Angeles. This was probably the least biased report. It gave both sides, including an interview with Arthur Schaper of MassResistance.

VIDEO: ABC News report (2 min 6 sec)

Los Cerritos News. City of Downey Bans LGBTQ+ Pride Flag.  This unhinged “newspaper” serving the southern suburbs of Los Angeles attacks MassResistance’s California leader Arthur Schaper as “a right-wing activist” who traffics in lies and “homophobic actions.”

The Downey Patriot published three articles on the same day:

Downey votes to no longer fly Pride flag in June  This is their “objective” report, which calls us a “hate group” but does not include quotes from local MassResistance citizens in defense of their position.

LGBTQ+ elected officials express 'profound disappointment' with Downey   Quotes Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang saying, “This is a flag that symbolizes hope, freedom and unity … we are deeply disappointed but also incredibly surprised.”

Editorial: Downey goes backwards by banning Pride flag  “Instead of fostering inclusivity and celebrating diversity, they’re choosing to sow seeds of division. Instead of promoting unity and acceptance, they’re widening the gap between different groups within the city.”


Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn: She wailed about her disappointment in an Instagram post. “I worry about the message it sends to LGBTQ+ residents.”

State Assemblywoman Blanca Pancheco: She posted a statement on Instagram that mandating the “pride flag” (but not other flags) embraces diversity. It seems like Orwellian doubletalk.

Congressman Robert Garcia (who represents Downey and is openly homosexual) posted a statement on Instagram calling the move “a step backwards.”

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (who doesn’t represent Downey) sent out a press release calling it “a petty decision.”

LGBT “Media”

Los Angeles Blade. City of Downey bans Pride Flag, Mayor labels it attack on LGBTQ+ Hardcore homosexual newspaper based in Los Angeles. Of course, they had to write about this.

Out South Florida. Homosexual newspaper in Florida re-printed the Los Angeles Blade article.

Social media

This news burned up the social media in the Downey area. But our people had a lot of fun taking that on. Here’s just one example:


Final Thoughts

Most pro-family groups constantly try to avoid being called nasty names by the Left. Staying “clean” and respectful makes it easier to raise money. But it doesn’t get the job done.

The “culture war” is a very nasty battle. The hypocrisy of the media and the leftist politicians is front and center. Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned Bibles, spewed hate, threw bottles of urine at police, burnt down a Minneapolis police precinct, and caused terrible damage across the country. The current Hamas supporters call for the murder of Jews. But according to the media and the corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center, they are simply “protesters.”

Yet the same media shamelessly demonizes a group of local parents and citizens who pose no danger to anyone. We’re not allowing it to intimidate us!

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