In Sri Lanka: Effort to repeal anti-sodomy statutes derailed, thanks to local MassResistance pro-family activists.

Overcame intense pressure from UN and western nations to turn country pro-LGBT.

But now a new LGBT fight in Parliament over broad “gender” bills.

April 13, 2024
ALT TEXT Our activists in Sri Lanka are thrilled at this victory over Western cultural imperialism, and are getting ready for the next battle.

In August 2023, MassResistance reported that the country of Sri Lanka, a nation of religiously diverse people, was being pressured by Western countries to repeal its long-standing laws regarding homosexual behavior. The aim was to force Sri Lankan society to be “LGBT-friendly.”

The laws in question, which date from the British colonial period, criminalize “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and “any act of gross indecency” between persons.

However, the prescribed penalties are rarely imposed. As in many locales around the world, these laws act as a barrier to keep homosexuality and transgenderism from being normalized and accepted in society.

Thus, LGBT behaviors cannot be taught in the schools or promoted to children or as part of any “sex education” curriculum. There can be no “gay marriage,” same-sex civil unions, or any gross public display of homosexual behaviors. Even “gender identity” ideology is banned.

Nevertheless, LGBT organizations are allowed to operate openly in Sri Lanka, and even hold “pride” parades. But they cannot include naked bodies or any of the other disgusting sights one sees at those events in Western countries, and the groups are not involved in any way with the government.

The intense efforts to repeal these laws came from the United Nations, along with public and private money from the US, UK, Canada, and other countries. They funded local LGBT groups to conduct an organized pressure campaign, and also exerted direct international political pressure.

ALT TEXT Gay Pride parade in Colombo, the capital city. It's officially called a "Freedom Pride Parade," apparently to avoid any possible problems regarding the current laws - but to demand their repeal. They haven't been successful. [Photo: Kenya Christian Voice]

Since early 2023, MassResistance has been working with local leaders and pro-family activists in Sri Lanka to stop this repeal. We provided a detailed flyer outlining key reasons why the country should not repeal these statutes. We explained how it would lead to future problems. We documented how the proliferation of homosexual conduct and transgenderism harm individuals and overall public health.

Many pro-family organizations around the world gave up or kept quiet on this fight in Sri Lanka. But MassResistance was unwavering and continued to help Sri Lankans to stop this repeal in their Parliament. Our activists around the world contacted local churches, local leaders, and members of Parliament, urging them to oppose the repeal. We also connected with Catholic leaders from other countries, who worked with their colleagues in Sri Lanka.

The last big push came in February 2024. Key LGBT groups held a meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament. But by then the momentum was against them and their efforts fell flat.

After ten months of activism, the repeal effort has effectively died! Our activists have spoken with members of Parliament and local leaders, and according to all of them there is no appetite to move this bill forward.

Our key contact in the country, Dr. Eschan Dias, enthusiastically thanked MassResistance’s contribution! “I am most grateful to MassResistance for your love and support for this country,” he told us. But he added, “We need to keep up in intensity and velocity.” That’s because of the new threat in Parliament.

Two far-reaching “gender” laws filed

LGBT activists and their supporters in the country are now trying a new approach this year to push their LGBT ideology into the country. Two wide-ranging gender-related bills were announced a few weeks ago.

The “Gender Equality Act” would officially define "gender" in the nation’s law to include men and women who identify as transgender, and “any new identities that may emerge in the future.” This is clearly an open door to state-enforced radical sexual and ideological anarchy.

The “Women’s Empowerment Act” is being touted as an effort to allow more women to be in corporate and government positions. But in reality, this legislation would create and force quotas for women and different sexual “orientations” into broad areas of Sri Lankan corporate and public life. Dr. Dias discusses these bills more fully in a recent Substack article.

ALT TEXT As the Sri Lanka news media has reported, the president has caved in to the radicals. But the real power is in the Parliament. And we're working for more victories there!

Relying on the same tactics the LGBT movement has employed in the UN and Western countries, activists are hoping to confuse lawmakers and shame opponents with general terms about protecting women’s rights and ensuring “gender equality” to push the destructive homosexual-transgender cause into the government and public square of Sri Lanka. (A key tactic is to use “gender” to mean both biological sex and “transgender” identities.)

But MassResistance understands exactly what is going on, and will not stand by and let the people of Sri Lanka – or their legislators in Parliament – be bullied and misled by misinformation and propaganda from the LGBT movement. We will make sure they are fully informed.

Final thoughts

The well-funded international LGBT movement, along with with the UN, private organizations, and Western governments, are determined to force those depraved values on vulnerable religious-oriented nations around the world. MassResistance will help their targets fight back against this cultural imperialism!

ALT TEXT Thix X post from our Sri Lanka team says it clearly!
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