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Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts!

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Brown fever sweeps state. At this polling place in liberal Newton -- Barney Frank's home town -- there were two Brown signs and zero Coakley signs. The excitement was evident!  NOTE: Brown won in Frank's congressional district.

MassResistance articles, analysis, commentary on campaign for US Senate -- from September through election:

Running out of ideas fast.
Lame Coakley mailing attacking Scott Brown on last weekend before election.

(See article link above) OUTSIDE of the Barack Obama / Martha Coakley rally Sunday at Northeastern University there were more Brown signs than Coakley signs!

The headline nobody believed (not even liberals). Front page of Sunday's Boston Globe. See article here. A pretty lame tactic, really. See article above.

On appointing interim replacement until special election

On appointing interim replacement to Ted Kennedy until special election. Up until 2004, if there was a vacancy the Governor simply appointed a US Senator until the next general election. But in 2004 when Sen. John Kerry was running for President, the Democrat-controlled Legislature didn't want Mitt Romney to appoint a successor if Kerry won. So they voted to change it to a special election. 

Then when Ted Kennedy passed away in August 2009, the Democratic-controlled Legislature didn't want to lose the 60th vote on Obama-care during the period until the Jan. 19 special election.  So they quickly passed a bill for an interim appointment until that election, which also passed. Paul Kirk was subsequently appinted by Gov. Deval Patrick until the election.

IRONICALLY, had they not changed the law in 2004, Scott Brown wouldn't have been able to run for US Senate -- they would have just apponted a Democrat!

On and on.  US Senator John Kerry addresses the committee at public hearing while US Rep. William Delahunt looks on. See article above.

IRONICALLY: Scott Brown was on that committee that day hearing the testimony!