California MassResistance activists successfully pressure Anaheim School Board to remove Planned Parenthood from the entire school district!

Also: Demanding the schools release PP’s curriculum so parents can see it.

Relentless pressure and refusing to take “no” for an answer! See VIDEO of powerful testimony.

June 3, 2019
ALT TEXT Getting ready to rumble! Arthur Schaper (left), Shanda (right), and a mother of four pose outside the entrance to the Anaheim Union High School School District Board meeting on May 7. Their sign says, "Parental Rights Matter!"

California MassResistance activists have done what virtually no one else has been able to do: Get Planned Parenthood removed from an entire school district! It was done by MassResistance’s no-nonsense, relentless approach to pro-family activism.

The Anaheim chapter of California MassResistance is run by Shanda, a mother with children in the Anaheim School District. Shanda is not only fearless, but has an Masters Degree in Psychology and understands the kind of deception and dishonest tactics that school officials often use. Many of the parents in Shanda’s group are immigrants who are sacrificing to give their children the best upbringing possible, and are outraged at what they are seeing.

Shanda’s earlier successes stopping the LGBT agenda in the schools

Last year, Shanda successfully stopped a week-long program of radical “transgender” indoctrination planned in the Anaheim elementary schools. Her efforts also got the major outside LGBT organizer who was responsible for it banned from the schools in the district!

This past February, Shanda forced the school library to pull back their “gay” propaganda. She also stood up to an LGBT mob out to intimidate parents at a school committee meeting – and her relentless pressure on this issue even helped convince a pro-LGBT school board member to pass on running for re-election!

The next step: Getting Planned Parenthood out of the schools!

As we recently reported, on March 5, 2019, several dozen outraged parents came to a meeting at the Lexington Junior High School in the Anaheim district. The meeting was called by the principal to explain a new state law. But instead, at that meeting the parents complained loudly about the Planned Parenthood content being taught there. Their stories were so graphic and repulsive that the principal immediately decided to remove Planned Parenthood from that school entirely! The parents were shocked, but thrilled with their success.

ALT TEXT School material from the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Planned Parenthood's odious message to schoolchildren is more than graphic sex-ed. They want to give make children into "advocates" for abortion, sexuality at any age, and the LGBT agenda.

Shanda was at that that meeting. She spoke with the several of the parents. "We all know that Planned Parenthood is in every other school in the district doing the same thing," she said, "and other parents and children are being victimized by it. Something must be done."

She informed the parents that there was a meeting of the Anaheim Union High School Board that same evening (March 5). She encouraged the parents to attend that meeting and demand that that the School Board remove Planned Parenthood from all the schools in the district. The parents agreed – and the battle began!

Here’s what the MassResistance activists did to get Planned Parenthood removed from the school district:

  1. March 5 & April 11: Parents flood the School Board meeting and express their outrage. On March 5 and again on April 11, Shanda led a vocal group of parents to the monthly Anaheim Union High School District Board meetings. Many of them brought signs. During the public comments section, the parents didn’t hold back. As we’ve reported, they told the Board lurid stories of graphic homosexual sex, pro-abortion counseling, and other “instruction” that Planned Parenthood was giving their children. And they talked about the difficulty of getting a copy of the curriculum from the school. They demanded that Planned Parenthood be removed from all schools.
    ALT TEXT Parents at the April 11 meeting of the School Board.
    Not surprisingly the Board didn’t want to deal with this at first. They made it difficult for parents to email them directly. They told the parents they could talk to the Superintendent about it (instead of them).
  2. May 7: Parents confront the School Board at meeting yet again – demanding Planned Parenthood be removed! On May 7, the parents returned to the Anaheim Union High District School Board meeting with more stories of what Planned Parenthood was teaching their children, and they continued to demand that Planned Parenthood be removed. Shanda also warned the Board members about various California statutes that the Board was violating by allowing this, and by having such an overtly biased curriculum.

    ALT TEXTThis mother of four children in the Anaheim school system told the Board she wanted Planned Parenthood out!
    ALT TEXT Shanda went into detail about the ways the Board was violating various California laws and education codes.
    ALT TEXT Parents were there to make sure the Board members got the message!
    ALT TEXT The Board members were not enjoying themselves that evening.
    When Arthur Schaper, the MassResistance Organization Director, got up to speak at the May 7 meeting, he confronted all the Board’s roadblocks and excuses very powerfully. See the video below of Arthur’s testimony at that meeting:

    VIDEO: This MassResistance testimony one of the strongest 4 ½ minutes of School Board testimony we’ve EVER seen!
    [Note: Since the Anaheim Union High School District does NOT video their meetings, Arthur had to video himself speaking.]

  3. May 9: Arthur Schaper files a FOIA request – for contact information of the Board members.  Unbelievably, contact information for individual School Board members was not publicly available. So, on May 9, Arthur filed an official FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request with the Anaheim school officials demanding the contact information – phone numbers and email addresses – for every member of the various Anaheim School Boards, so parents could register their concerns. Within several days the school officials responded with the information Arthur requested.
  4. May 17: Arthur Schaper files additional FOIA request – for the Planned Parenthood curriculum information. On May 17 Arthur filed an additional FOIA request – addressed to every Board member personally. Arthur asked for:

    (1) A copy of the Sex-Ed Curriculum which Planned Parenthood has used in the Anaheim School system over the 2018-2019 academic year. Also, a copy of the Sex-Ed Curriculum which had been used at Lexington Jr. High school this year before the principal removed it.

    (2) Arthur also asked, “I would like to know when the school board will remove the Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed from the schools and the school district.”
  5. May 28: School System responds to Arthur’s May 17 FOIA Request. On May 28, the Anaheim School District’s “Public Information Officer” responded to Arthur’s requests. She told Arthur:

    (1) District refuses to provide Planned Parenthood curriculum. The District is refusing to provide any of the Planned Parenthood curriculum for parents to see because it is “the property of a third party copyright holder and therefore exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act exemptions. (Gov. Code, § 6254(k).)”

    This is a contrived interpretation of that statute. (More on this below.)

    (2) District will no longer be using Planned Parenthood at all! “In response to your question about the removal of Planned Parenthood from District schools, the District has placed a moratorium on Planned Parenthood, and District schools will not be using Planned Parenthood or its materials moving forward.”

    This is a huge victory for parents – and clearly would not have happened without the constant pressure on the Board from various directions.

Not stopping here: Demanding to see the Planned Parenthood curriculum!

Nowhere in the Public Records Act exemptions (Gov. Code, § 6254) is there any reference to copyrighted material. The District seems to be creating a reason not to disclose this extremely objectionable material to parents. Every school textbook and much of the school curriculum is copyrighted by someone. This excuse is absurd.

The California Education Code is very clear about this issue. Schools must make all curricula available to the public:

PROSPECTUS OF SCHOOL CURRICULUM (EC §49091.14): The curriculum of every course offered by the schools of the district is compiled annually by each school in a prospectus. Each school prospectus is available for review upon request at each school site. Copies are available upon request for a fee not to exceed the actual copying cost.

Moreover, how could it be possible for a school district to be using a school curriculum that is not accessible to parents or the public, especially sexual education material? And particularly material that is provided by a biased third-party provider, Planned Parenthood?

On May 29, Arthur contacted the Orange County School Board, which oversees the Anaheim School Board and the other School Boards in Orange County, CA. MassResistance wants the Orange County School Board to intervene and deal with the Anaheim School Board’s violation of the law.

We will continue pressing the Orange County School Board until this is resolved.

And while we’re at it, we have larger goals for them: Planned Parenthood – and their in-school sex-ed and LGBT programs – must be removed from all of Orange County!

In the meantime, we’re celebrating our victory – and working to force the school officials to let the parents see the hideous Planned Parenthood curriculum that their children have been taught!

ALT TEXT This is what parents are up against: The Anaheim Union High School District has an official "Gay Straight Alliance" contingent that marches in parades.
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