Left-wing Texas judge imposes outrageous conditions against father opposed to 9-year-old son’s “transgender” push by ex-wife.

Jeffrey Younger is stripped of virtually all parental rights. Even ordered not to tell his son that he’s really a boy.

Judge puts boy under care of pro-LGBT psychologist who tells him that he’s a “girl.”

MassResistance interviews Jeffrey Younger (below) - with all the grisly details!

September 2, 2021
VIDEO: MassResistance interviews Jeffrey Younger detailing despotic ruling against him.

In court hearings on July 3 and Aug. 4, 2021, Texas District Judge Mary Brown, a hardcore liberal, imposed unbelievably repressive orders and restrictions on Jeffrey Younger in his battle to stop the “gender transitioning” of his 9-year-old son. What this judge has ruled is truly frightening.

Starting over a hundred years ago with Lenin, the Left has understood that getting control of the judiciary is an important step toward forcing change on an unwilling society. Is this where America is headed? Can the transgender agenda on young children – that destroys their lives in so many ways – be stopped?

Jeffrey Younger is a father in Texas who is going through a nightmare. His ex-wife is persuading their 9-year-old son that he’s really a girl. She’s given him a girl’s name and dresses him in girl’s clothes. She had him enrolled in a dance studio as a girl. She has attempted to bring him to a “gender” clinic for medical “transitioning” procedures.

This has led to a vicious court custody battle that has been going on for the last few years. But similar to the horrible Rob Hoogland case in Canada, the government is out in force against Jeffrey Young.

Left-wing Texas district judges have ruled against him in bizarre and unusual ways. He has now been stripped of virtually all parental rights. He may only see his son in a few supervised visits each month (for which he must pay heavy fees) and may not even tell his son that he is actually a boy. In addition, the court has ordered the boy to be put under the care of a pro-LGBT psychologist – who “affirms” him as a girl.

Over the last year, our Texas MassResistance chapter has come to Jeff’s aid and worked hard on his behalf. We demonstrated outside the “gender clinic” in Dallas where the mother was about to send the boy. We helped protest the dance clinic where the mother had enrolled the boy as a girl – and the dance clinic decided to unenroll him. We lobbied hard in the Texas State House for bills that would stop this mutilation of children.

A disturbing but important interview. A few days after this latest ruling Jeff was interviewed by Arthur Schaper of MassResistance (see video above). It's a very chilling story. He goes through what has happened at these latest hearings, the grisly details of what these two rulings entail, the people involved, and what his next steps are. (He also has a funding page to help pay for his legal expenses.)

ALT TEXT Texas MassResistance activists protest outside of the Genecis Gender Clinic in Dallas - that performs "transgender" procedures on children.
ALT TEXT MassResistance rally outside of the Texas State House for bills to protect children from "transgender" mutilation. The speaker in cowboy hat is the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, who strongly supported our efforts!
ALT TEXT The Texas MassResistance team even had this banner flying around the Texas State House!

Some good news: After receiving months of pro-family pressure on this issue (including from Texas MassResistance) on Aug. 6 the Governor formally asked the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to issue a determination whether “gender reassignment” surgery constitutes child abuse. On Aug. 11, the DFPS Commissioner issued a formal response, The Department concludes that it does constitute child abuse, punishable by fines and/or jail time. Furthermore, health professionals who do not report this can also face punishment. This could bring big changes to Texas and – as Jeff describes in his interview – it could possibly help mitigate his case. 

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