In Australia: MassResistance helps bold activist take on nation’s library system over graphic books

Despite growing LGBT tyranny across Australia, local police get involved on pro-family side.

Victories come, but still pressing for larger wins.

March 4, 2024
ALT TEXT It shocked the establishment that the police agreed with the bold pro-family activist!

MassResistance continues to work with pro-family activists around the world as they reach out to us for help. These people are usually organized and dedicated, but are lacking the strategy, tactics, talking points, and other materials necessary to take on these battles.

Back in 2012, MassResistance had a vigorous chapter in Australia with activists across the country. That year the Australian Parliament rejected “gay marriage” – despite intense LGBT pressure – after pressure from our activists who lobbied hard and mailed copies of our booklet “What Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Has Done to Massachusetts” to every member. Three days later, the Tasmanian Parliament also rejected “gay marriage” and the LGBT groups were livid.


But eventually the powerful international LGBT movement prevailed there. And since then Australia has become (along with Canada) one of the most tyrannical pro-LGBT and anti-family places in the world. By 2015, for example, a Catholic Archbishop in Australia faced fines and punishment over a marriage pamphlet that LGBT activists claimed was “insulting.”

MassResistance gets back into the fight

In late 2022, an Australian activist named Bernard Gaynor, a fervent Christian and pro-family activist, contacted MassResistance for help. Gaynor is an Iraq war veteran who faced court martial from the Australian military reserve for saying on social media that he did not want homosexuals teaching his children. He has since faced harsh persecution for discussing the truth about homosexual and transgender behaviors.

Australia is also a very litigious society, so offended groups often sue others who are critical of their beliefs or behaviors. Aggressive homosexual activists have sued Bernard Gaynor a number of times for his views. But he has not backed down, and has succeeded so far in fighting off these unfair lawsuits.

ALT TEXT Bernard is not afraid to stand up and fight on these issues!

Gaynor was shocked and outraged at the sickening pornography available for children and teenagers at his local library in Logan, a suburb of Brisbane (in the state of Queensland) where he lives – as well as other libraries in the region.

Among those were Gender Queer, a transgender-themed book for teenagers featuring masturbation, sex toys, oral sex, and a person being impaled by a spear. There was also an illustrated series of books with pornographic homosexual scenes, and a Japanese cartoon-style book depicting naked people engaging in explicit sexual and homosexual acts.

ALT TEXT The set of explicit sex books for children that Bernard targeted - successfully!

Bernard wanted to get these removed from the local libraries in Queensland – and hopefully all of Australia – but didn’t know where to start. He knew he needed advice and direction.

So Arthur Schaper, our MassResistance Field Director, advised him. Arthur gave him actions to take, and things got moving.

  1. Bernard asked to meet with the Library Director of the Logan Library to discuss the books. But she refused to meet with him. Instead, she directed him to submit “book challenges” through their bureaucratic process. He submitted the challenges.
  2. Bernard filed the Australia version of a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) public records request for information regarding the books in the local library systems. He found out when the books in question were purchased and which libraries they were in. He learned that Gender Queer had been purchased by the Library Director.
  3. Bernard contacted local conservative churches and other venues where families gather. He created a petition that got over 1,000 signatures. People picketed the Logan library demanding that the pornography be removed.

    ALT TEXT The group that Bernard got together made sure that the public officials got the message!
  4. Bernard met with his City Councilor in Logan. She was important to this effort because she was in charge of the committee that oversees the libraries. According to Bernard, she and other Councilors wanted those books gone, particularly Gender Queer. But she did not have any plans to act. However, the fact that Councilors supported Bernard was significant for what was to come.
  5. Arthur told Bernard to research the statutes for a legal line of action. Bernard found a statute in Queensland law which could be used to prosecute regarding child exploitation and exposing children to sexually explicit material.
  6. When confronted with that statute, the Logan Library officials agreed to remove the Japanese cartoon-style book and the illustrated porn book series from the collection. This was a victory. But the Logan Library officials refused to remove Gender Queer. Instead, they moved it from the shelves, but people could still go to the circulation desk and get it if they wanted to borrow it.
  7. Bernard contacted the Logan Police Department and filed complaints about Gender Queer, referencing that statute.
  8. The Logan Police agreed with Bernard. And knowing that they had the support of the City Council, they determined that Gender Queer is likely a violation of the statute. The police officially referred the book to the Australia Classification Board (ACB), which has the power to remove books from libraries nationwide. This made the news in Australia - see here and here.
  9. Shockingly, after several weeks of deliberation, the ACB decided not to restrict Gender Queer. But they placed an “advisory” on the book saying that it was “not recommended for young readers.” It wasn’t a total victory, but in Australia it was an important start.

Bernard and his group of pro-family activists are continuing this fight. They have filed an appeal and will continue to push to have that book removed throughout the country. They are building momentum to fight back on a nationwide level!

Final thoughts

Making progress in countries like Australia that have become tyrannical on the LGBT issue isn’t easy, but is necessary. MassResistance is thrilled to be able to give pro-family activists around the world the tools, experience, and knowledge to take on these fights.

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