Victorious turnabout at Wyoming library: After leftist Director is fired, leftist staffers quit when new Director agrees to follow “no-porn” policy.

Result of local MassResistance activism. This should happen everywhere!

But fired Library Director continues outrageous lawsuit against a local family.

January 9, 2024
ALT TEXT The library had been promoting books like this to kids. But not anymore!

There’s been a momentous turnaround in Campbell County, Wyoming!

Here’s how bad it was:

When MassResistance began working with parents there in 2021, the county’s public library was a nightmare for pro-family citizens.

The public library was stocked with horrible graphic sexual, homosexual, and transgender books for children (and briefly promoted a “transgender” performer for kids). The Library Director arrogantly defended the obscene books, mostly using American Library Association talking points. The Library Board was solidly leftist and openly hostile to the parents. And the County Commission (which appoints the Library Board) refused to listen to the parents – and even shut off public comment to silence their complaints. In addition, pro-LGBT leftists would regularly come to public meetings and harass the pro-family people.

Here’s how things changed:

But the Wyoming MassResistance parents and activists were passionate and never gave up. As a result, over time things really turned around!

ALT TEXT Parents protesting outside of the library - and informing the public.
ALT TEXT A parent speaks before the Library Board, reading the lurid text from several of the sexualized children's books.
ALT TEXT This mother shows the County Commissioners the federal report on preventing child sexual exploitation and describes how their local library is part of the problem.

The parents forced one of the virulent anti-family County Commissioners to resign. With the pro-family replacement, the Commission restored public comment and appointed a conservative-majority Library Board. With help and encouragement from the parents, the new Library Board exited the American Library Association. Next, they created a new anti-porn library book policy. Then, on July 28, 2023, they fired the leftist Library Director when she refused to follow the new policy!

And now there’s more good news:

The firing of the Library Director (and hiring of a new Director) set off more events:

We've been told that departed staffers will be replaced with normal people as soon as possible!

(Some of our team leaders report that the pro-LGBT leftists are raising money to run candidates for local and state legislative office, but that isn’t likely to be successful in Campbell County.)

Wyoming MassResistance activists are now focused on the local Gillette City Council, which passed an absurd “hate crimes” ordinance last year that needs to be repealed.

Still looming: Former Library Director’s outrageous lawsuit against a local family

As we reported in October, Terri Lesley, the Library Director who was fired for refusing to follow the anti-porn book policy, filed an outrageous lawsuit against a local family who protested obscene books and testified at County Commission and Library Board meetings.

She accuses the family of a laundry list of absurd alleged offenses, including unlawful and unconstitutional conduct, civil conspiracy defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and abuse of process.

The lawsuit is full of distortions, untruths, and ridiculous charges. (She also attacks MassResistance.) It is clearly meant to intimidate others from complaining. She is represented by a far-left legal firm that appears to be supported by the national LGBT movement.

The family has a lawyer representing them. At this point nothing seems to have been scheduled. We will keep you informed on that. The family is in good spirits. This will not deter the rest of us from continuing the battle!

Final thoughts

At first, the terrible library situation in Campbell County seemed nearly impossible to change. Everything seemed to be stacked against the parents. But with persistence and bold tactics, we’ve basically turned everything around. The same thing can happen elsewhere!

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