Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

Recent "Gay marriage" battles across the U.S. (and abroad!)

In state legislatures -- and state-wide referendums. See below:

Analysis of the Prop 8 and DOMA "gay marriages" cases
before the US Supreme Court


Huge "gay marriage" battle in Illinois legislature. Pro-family forces winning! Currently stalled in House as fight for votes continues.


Pro-family citizens filled the hallways of the Illinois State
House demanding legislators not change the marriage law.


Rhode Island

Hispanic pro-family rally overwhelms Rhode Island State House at "gay marriage" hearing
Followed by 12-hours of testimony. Committee vote pending.


When you entered the Rhode Island State House, this is the first thing you saw!


Public hearing in RI State House on gay marriage bill -- plus outrageous pro-gay Constitutional Amendment
Hearing will determine future.

Gay marriage bill stalling in RI Senate after pro-family pressure MassResistance booklet cited in State House debate

Legislator holds up copy of MassResistance booklet on
same-sex "marriage" during debate on "gay marriage"
bill in Rhode Island House of Representatives.


Powerful Rhode Island marriage rally at State House public hearing! Hundreds fill State House to make a statement against "gay marriage" bill. MassResistance speaks at rally.


Tuesday, Jan. 15: Battle over same-sex "marriage" in Rhode Island Legislature begins with public hearing. Pro-family rally & press conference by religious coalition, with MassResistance.

Web page of statewide religious coalition!


Rhode Island marriage activists . . . get married!

State votes - Analysis - Nov. 2012

Analysis: How 'gay marriage' won in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington

Pro-marriage signs were defaced and destroyed
almost everywhere


Mainstream media in four states with "gay marriage" votes attacking latest pro-family ads featuring David & Tonia Parker
Ads now flooding the airwaves! (11/5/12)

In the four "gay marriage vote" states: Gay lobby and pro-gay donors spending millions in final weeks of campaign. (10/26/12)


In liberal Minnesota, traditional marriage still leading in polls as referendum nears. (9/25/12)


Maine pro-family leader gets death threat, Catholic church harassed, in wake of same-sex "marriage" vote
"Gay" rage in Maine after losing election

Counterfeit Marriage Rejected in Maine

Mass. homosexual lobby sending wave of activists to Maine this Tuesday for "get out the vote."
For statewide election Nov. 3 on same-sex "marriage"


"Gay Marriage" bill passes Senate in Maryland by thin margin after tepid pro-family fight
Non-confrontational floor debate; Pro-family amendments rejected. To be signed by Governor this week. Pro-family activists to start statewide petition for vote to repeal.

ANALYSIS: Top 10 reasons Maryland lost "gay marriage" battle - after winning last year
Lessons here that the rest of the country can learn from.

Maryland AG tells homosexual rally: If petition is successful, marriage vote will be undone by newly appointed judges
Calls pro-family citizens "rabid"

Fierce battle over "gay marriage" bill in Maryland legislature. Passed in House on Friday. Fight now moves to Senate!
Heavy-handed tactics by Democrats and pressure from national pro-gay Republicans. MassResistance testifies in Maryland State House!

Maryland clergymen lead huge pro-marriage
rally outside State House. (See video)



North Carolina

Analysis: Lessons from the defeat of "gay marriage" in North Carolina

Pravda USA: Both Boston newspapers cover last week's two major "gay marriage" events with laughable bias
North Carolina gay marriage victory
vs Obama's gay marriage announcement

It was the worst kept secret in the world. But
you would have thought it was the second "VJ Day"
the way the Boston Globe carried on . . .


Commentary: After Obama's "gay marriage" announcement -- will the GOP start to cave in?

New York

In New York: Arrogant "gay marriage" Republican State Senator loses in primary. (9/25/12)


Another VICTORY in Australia: Tasmania Parliament rejects "gay marriage"!
"My electorate do not support it," says MP

"Gay marriage" bill overwhelmingly defeated in Australia - Despite huge effort by homosexual lobby.

LATEST UPDATE: Surprise "gay marriage" move in Australia.
Stalled in National Parliament, but unusual bill passes House in Tasmania State Parliament!

UPDATE: Australian Parliament still waiting to take "gay marriage" vote. Reaction from politicians to our marriage booklet!

Australian National Parliament to vote on "gay marriage"! MassResistance helping activists fight back.
MassResistance helping activists educate politicians with "same-sex marriage" booklet.

BELOW:Premier of South Australia addresses gay marriage rally outside of Parliament.