December 2008

Pope tells the truth on destructive nature of homosexuality and transsexuality

Chanukah offers a lesson in fighting the culture war. Commentary: True message of Chanukah overlooked even by most Jews.

Massachusetts Legislature ignores Constitution - illegally passing laws with no quorum. Example: Dec. 22 Senate session (only 3 Senators present).

Mass Dept. of Public Health transfers funds to Mass. LGBT Commission - to make up for budget cuts to homosexual programs in schools. Photos

MA Budget crisis brings massive cuts in state programs - but $850,000 for homosexual programs in schools remains "sacred cow" by politicians.

Taxpayer-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth sets goals for upcoming year.

Obama names pro-homosexual radical for US Secretary of Education: Arne Duncan

Jewish columnist takes on Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for ignoring bigoted attacks by homosexual activists on Mormon, Catholic, and Protestant churches.

Iowa Supreme Court hears arguments on same-sex "marriage." MassResistance article already making the rounds.

Pope stands up to European Union on homosexual issue

Governor's Council hearing on controversial Mass. SJC judge appointment suddenly postponed – upsetting some Council members.

Obama 'proud' to have homosexual band march in inaugural parade. Catholic News Agency

"Choosing your bigots wisely," by Tom Montain, The Jewish Advocate. On ADL and swastikas on synagogue in Newton, Mass.

Mass. Department of Public Health "groundbreaking" report says homosexuality linked with health problems, destructive behavior.

Mass. SJC Judge John Greaney retires – one of four who ruled for "gay marriage". Governor appoints liberal activist judge Ralph Gants to succeed him.

Mass. Department of Education continues handing out money to fund "gay clubs" in school districts across the state.

November 2008

"Transgender rights and hate crimes bill" to be re-filed in Legislature by homosexual lobby. Homosexual lobby calls this its "top priority" for next year. Photo

Planned Parenthood to re-file bill for mandatory sex-ed, abortion, homosexuality in schools. Photo

Hideous gay fascist-like Prop-8 "protests" across USA. Including members of Congress at Boston City Hall. Police protection needed to stop violence against MassResistance counter-protest. Videos.

Christian dating service forced to provide homosexual dating services by New Jersey

Gay activists continuing angry protests in cities across America this weekend (including Boston)

Homosexuals begin campaign of terror and violence against churches in California and across US because of Prop 8 election loss. Photos, video link. Commentary: The real reason they're so enraged

What did we learn from Nov. 4? Commentary: Lessons from the elections across America

Massachusetts had important role in marriage ballot questions across America.
(California, Florida, Arizona, Arkansas) Homosexual activists threaten violence in California over results. Video link

Massachusetts General Election, Nov. 4, 2008: Results and Analyses
11-5-2008, 11-7-2008

Last-minute bill signed by Governor will open door to more voter fraud in Tuesday's election, say Massachusetts town clerks

October 2008

Homosexual lobby pushing hard to elect "lesbian legislators" to State House on Nov. 4.

Sen. Scott Brown major target of homosexual lobby in election

"1913 Law" Referendum petition drive comes up short. Would have forced state-wide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913" law. Overwhelming opposition and suppression from all sides.

Special Report: What same-sex "marriage" has done to Massachusetts. It's far worse than most people realize. By Brian Camenker.

Archdiocese bans marriage petition (to overturn "1913 Law" repeal) in all Mass. Catholic churches – days after Cardinal O'Malley signs it (in "moment of weakness"). Conservative Catholics stunned.

US Supreme Court turns down David Parker's appeal. Lets stand state's right to teach homosexuality to young children over parents' objections. 

"The straight path home: my personal struggles with homosexuality." A first-person account (AISH.com).
Oct. 2008

September 2008

Diane Wilkerson, major force for homosexual lobby in Senate, defeated in primary

Results of Sept. 16 primary races in Massachusetts

Information on the Referendum Petition (to vote on "1913 Law" repeal)
Sept. 2008

August 2008

MassResistance files papers for Referendum Petition to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law" – exporting gay "marriage" across America

Did Boston Globe reporter tip off gay lobby to MassResistance plans for Referendum Petition to stop "1913 Law" repeal?

July 2008

Governor signs "1913 Law" repeal in gala State House ceremony. Arrogantly celebrates spread of same-sex "marriage" across America. Video.

House repeals "1913 Law" by 119-36 vote. Opens door to exporting "gay marriage" across America. Here's the roll-call vote. Photos

Language from the Massachusetts Constitution on "Referendum Petition"

Mass. Governor does fundraiser for radical homosexual anti-Catholic State Rep. Sciortino. Photos

Mass. House balks on "1913" Law" vote. Outrage from citizens scaring politicians

Lexington School Dept files opposition to David Parker in U.S. Supreme Court

Boston media continuing propaganda push waiting for House vote. Photo

Mass. Senate repeals “1913 Law” to allow out-of-state gays to “marry” in Mass. using voice vote. Members too cowardly to go on record. Photos & videos

National homosexual groups pouring money into state to lobby Massachusetts legislature to export "gay marriage"

Massachusetts Governor berates MassResistance for having "an attitude"

Mass. Legislature resurrects bill to repeal “1913 Law” to allow out-of state gays to "marry" here. Senate and House will vote next week.

Conference Committee keeps full $850,000 in FY 2009 budget. Passed overwhelmingly by House and Senate. Homosexual lobby bragging about their victory over parents. Massachusetts to lead America in state-funded GLBT activism in schools.

Mass. Governor degrades self and insults state, marching in depraved homosexual parade. See state's chief executive marching behind sado-masochistic "torture" club at Boston Gay Pride Parade.  Photos & video.

June 2008

Gov. Deval Patrick's Daughter: Latest Recruit for Transgender Radicalism MassResistance blog.  Photos

Transgender pride on parade: Public celebration by very disturbed people. Gruesome display of body mutilations. In Northampton, Mass., June 7, 2008. Photos & video.
PART 1: The Parade and Festival
PART 2:  The cross-dressing men
PART 3:  Weird handouts, flyers, and more
"Transphobia" poster paid for by taxpayers; distributed atUMass campus
Video of Transgender Pride parade shows the flavor of the "trans" movement.
Boston Dyke March: Parade of obscenity and weirdness through downtown streets.
Photos & video.

Governor ignores official Council vote – installs radical lesbian activist Maureen Monks as Mass. family court judge

Mayor of Boston raises flies homosexual flag over City Hall to honor homosexual movement. Faneuil Hall, Macy's join in.

Major corporations, top politicians support "Gay Pride Week" activities in Boston. Photo

"Pro-family" Massachusetts legislators "explain" their support for $850,000 of state funding for gay programs in schools. Parrot back homosexual propaganda.

David Parker addresses 20,000 at massive march and rally in Puerto Rico as citizens take to streets over proposed “civil unions” law. Photos

David Parker's lawyers officially file in US Supreme Court. Also: WorldNetDaily article on Parker filing (6-5-2008).

May 2008

Video from “youth pride” day: See for yourself how homosexual activists running “gay” school clubs brainwash teenagers. Photos & video

Mass. Senate ignores parents - unanimously approves huge funding increases for homosexual programs in schools. Even "good" Senators caved in.

Channel 4 TV in Boston finally covers Children's Hospital sex clinic for kids. But they still really don't get it. Dr. Norman Spack. Video.

National TV: FoxNews interviews MassResistance on outrage over sex-change clinic for children at Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Norman Spack. Video

Corrupt Mass. Senate passes budget amendments through phony “voice votes.”
Same day the $850,000 homosexual funding for schools got "voted" into the 2009 budget. Video

After MassResistance budget victory – State Sen. Dianne Wilkerson files budget amendment for $300,000.00 increase in homosexual programs in schools

Homosexual activists incite kids to block, harrass, assault photographers at gay "youth pride" day. Photo & video

California Supreme Court "strikes down" normal marriage – continues constitutional crisis throughout America. Citizens need to come to grips with legal role of courts.

Senate Ways & Means Committee cuts $200,000 from homosexual school programs in 2009 budget after flood of calls from citizens.

Homosexual "Youth Pride Day" includes hardcore "gay" anti-religious propaganda. Photos & downloads 
Hardcore QueerToday activist Mark Snyder given special award on Youth Pride Day 2008. Video

"Youth Pride" day on Boston Common, featuring cross-dressers, "gay youth" parade, and transgender "prom." Videos of drag queen emcee.

For "Youth Pride" activities: State agencies refusing to enforce required CORI criminal background on homosexual adult volunteers

Homosexual lobby brags how they're pushing their agenda in Mass. Legislature after House budgets $750,000 for gay programs in schools

Current Mass. FY 2009 budget items funding homosexual programs in public schools; put in two places in budget

"Pro-family" MA Legislators join overwhelming vote to increase "gay" funding by 50 percent to $750,000 despite budget shortfalls. Links to full report & roll call votes.

April 2008

Lesbian activists at Smith College riot, shut down Ryan Sorba speech on “The Born Gay Hoax” as police watch. Announcement (4-28-2009). “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!”  Photos & video

At Seattle high school: 495 students stay home on Day of Silence after Pastor Ken Hutcherson announces protest

Boston Mayor Menino to get "distinguished leadership award" at fundraiser for radical transgender group BAGLY that targets children in schools – Channel 5 TV anchorman to guest emcee

Mass. HS Principal warns parents: no 'hate speech' against Day of Silence

Homosexual lobby submits budget amendments to increase 2009 funding for gay programs in schools to $1.3 million (over current budget amount of $500,000)

Interesting Mass. Legislative races

GLSEN holds annual homosexual youth conference in Boston, March 29. Shows the horrors of what's going on in your schools! Photos, downloads. Includes:
Overview of GLSEN and this year's conference.
Setting up homosexual clubs in middle schools
Making kids comfortable with transsexuality & cross-dressing
Encouraging kids to "come out" and embrace a homosexual identity
Bisexuality Resource Kit for Kids

Boston Children's Hospital operates clinic to change gender of prepubescent children– featured in Boston Globe. Dr. Norman Spack. Given powerful hormones to delay puberty, for body mutilation operations later. Photos. (MassResistance first reported story in 2007.)

“Anti-Bullying” bill passes Mass. Senate – with major modifications after MassResistance testimony & pressure. Photo

Mass. Legislature has $500,000 in 2009 state budget to help homosexual activists target kids in the schools. Funds hardcore groups and their programs.

Pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" coming back to Mass. schools. List of Mass. schools participating.

Insanity of "transgender" agenda exposed by Boston Globe columnist.
"Pregnant, Yes - but not a man," by Jeff Jacoby. Photo

New K-Grade 5 curriculum in Lexington to include transgenderism as "diversity".
"Gender identity" lessons for 6-year-olds.  Photos & downloads

GLSEN Conference at high school in Boston reveals empowered homosexual movement targeting schools. Links to Parts 1-5. Photos & downloads

Out-of-state threat to Lexington school superintendent over homosexual programs

David Parker's elementary school rolling out new "gay" curriculum since court decision.

Muslims in England force two elementary schools to remove homosexual books

March 2008

Ryan Sorba's Blockbuster speech on “The Gay Gene Hoax” silences pro-gay crowd at Framingham State College. Photos, audio. Announcement (3-24-2008).

Mass. Gay Youth Commission declares: “Homophobic parents are the problem.”

National homosexual activist Cheryl Jacques confirmed as Mass. judge. Photos. Also State House News report.

Governor's Council to decide Wednesday whether to confirm hardcore homosexual activist as Judge

Gay lobby pushing for unprecedented $2.9 million in 2009 budget for homosexual programs in Mass. schools

Stopped in committee: transgender rights bill, out-of-state "gay marriage" bill & others. After massive pressure by pro-family movement.

Mass. Judiciary Committee to citizens: We're not interested in your testimony! Dismissive of important bills to repeal exemption of schools from the law against "disseminating matter harmful to minors," and to update outmoded "wiretap" law (to stop selective harassment of citizens taping public events).

Public hearing on "perversion" bills on March 4 – sales pitch by homosexual lobby. Big push on transgender rights and hate crimes bill, out-of-state same-sex marriage bill. "Panels" pushing radical transgender bill H1722. "I am a female with a beard." Hearing a complete sham and disgrace. Photos.

The Coming Nightmare of a “Transsexual Rights and Hate Crimes" Law in Massachusetts: Why Bill H1722 Must Be Defeated

Radical bills now in Judiciary Committee will affect Massachusetts and the rest of America.  Homosexual movement out to change society.
March 2008

February 2008

Ultra-left State Rep and House Ed Committee chair conspiring to do end-run on stalled Planned Parenthood bill (to sneak it in as 2009 budget item) amendment

Text of H1722 – "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill. With description and links to current statutes

Victory and defeat: In unannounced session, Educ. Comm. caves to pressure – sends both pro-homosexual Planned Parenthood bill AND Parents' Rights bills to "study" – effectively killing them

Bill to mandate HPV vaccine to all 6th-grade girls stopped in committee – despite heavy lobbying, radio ads by Merck drug company. Scathing testimony & pressure by MassResistance. Photos.

"Unmasking the 'Gay' Agenda," by Matt Barber.

Senate Chairman of MA Joint Ed. Committee meets with radical homosexual groupPhotos

"The World According to PFLAG: Why PFLAG and Children Don’t Mix -Unless you happen to like child abuse," by Linda Harvey. Excerpts from PFLAG's reading list for youth.

David Parker debates pro-homosexual activist on WBZ Boston radio talk show. Photos, audio.

January 2008

Federal court denies appeal in David Parker Civil Rights case on homosexual programs in elementary school. Appeals Judge issues outrageous ruling embracing homosexual "tolerance" lessons, ignoring Constitutional religious guarantees. Parker's lawyers preparing to appeal case to US Supreme Court.

David Parker lawsuit having a “chilling” effect on schools’ homosexual programs, says homosexual legal advocacy group.

Homosexual legal group GLAD holds public forum on "Sex on the Margins" – cutting-edge sexuality, sex in public bathrooms, lesbian erotica author, etc.

Homosexual movement focusing on changing our laws in 2008. Here's what we're fighting. Index to bills.

Homosexual activists announce huge push for transgender rights & hate crimes law. State House News.

Romney counter-terrorism expert J. Cofer Black a huge concern – was relieved of his CIA position in 2002 for mistakes and failures leading up to the Sept. 11 tragedy. (Article by syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock from January, 2007.)

Press Release on Mitt Romney warning – "Conservative Elites" Covering Up Romney's Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution.

A Stern Warning to the "Conservative Elites" about Mitt Romney. An open letter from grassroots consevative leaders

December 2007

Massachusetts pro-family group seeks to set the record straight on former Gov. Mitt Romney. How true are the claims being made by his campaign about Romney's "conservatism"?

New members of Mass. Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Youth: Bios appear to be of politically radical & deeply disturbed individuals. Also:
Commission outlines its 2008 assault on public schools

Romney name-calls Gregg Jackson (WRKO host) on air, evades question on same-sex marriage

Boston Globe publishes glitzy review of homosexual pickup bar

David Parker federal civil rights appeal heard before 3-judge panel in Boston Federal Court

November 2007

David Parker's appeal of federal civil rights case to take place Dec. 5. Major national homosexual groups and others file amicus briefs in opposition. Unprecedented effort by state and national organizations to stop parents' rights in schools. Links to briefs filed by both sides: page 1 and 2

Federal judge Mark Wolf dismisses David Parker’s civil rights lawsuit. Outrageous ruling goes further – reinforces right of schools to teach homosexuality without parents’ consent or choice to opt-out. Link to ruling.

MassEquality, flush with cash, re-grouping to push broad homosexual agenda in Legislature, starting with "transgender rights and hate crimes" bill

Boston Globe celebrates homosexual school clubs persuading kids to "come out" as teenagers (and earlier). Comments by "gay" Concord-Carlisle teacher Peter Atlas. Photos.

President of Roche Bros. supermarkets sends letter to parents: We'll continue to support anti-Christian homosexual school play because some people like it.

Expansion of abortion clinic buffer zone to 35 feet passes House. Governor will sign. Result of emasculated pro-life movement. House & Senate roll call vote.

October 2007

Jury acquits Larry Cirignano! Doesn't buy absurd "assault and battery" charges, despite rhetoric by ACLU and homosexual activists. Photo, links.

Larry Cirignano trial: Four days of testimony, argument, and evidence. Oct. 16-Oct. 19. Nearly 20 witnesses called.

Education is too important to be left to the government. "Big Brother at School," By Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe.

Larry Cirignano trial to start Oct. 16. Outrageous charges of "civil rights violations" and "assault and battery" against Catholic activist at pro-marriage rally by pro-homosexual activist-ACLU board member. Photo, links to documents.

Massachusetts pro-family giant Ed Pawlick dies at 80. Founded Mass. Lawyers Weekly, Massachusetts News and Mass. Citizens for Marriage.

Parents in Acton, MA fighting back: Holding community forum Oct. 3 to expose "The Laramie Project."  Outrageous anti-Christian homosexual play being presented at high school. Photos

Special Report: "The Laramie Project" - homosexual propaganda play produced in high school. Index to articles, analysis.
Oct. 2007

September 2007

Local newspaper finally "gets it" – rebukes homosexual group for terrorizing restaurant, causing cancellation of David Parker speech. Gloucester Times.

Homosexual group putting new "gay marriage” book "Courting Equality" in Mass. high school libraries. Using taxpayer-funded "gay straight alliance" clubs.  Photo

School drama group leaders telling community to stay away from parents' forum on pro-homosexual play "The Laramie Project." Photo

Six Flags New England amusement park holds "gay day" with high school students.
Kids offered half-price admission by schools through homosexual "gay-straight alliance" clubs.

School drama group leaders telling community to stay away from MassResistance forum on "Laramie Project" play. School officials voicing "concerns about safety" at event.

Should pro-family activists support a candidate for Congress who is pro-choice & pro-gay because he's a Republican? Commentary: The Ogonowski question.

Exposing the Anti-Defamation League's offensive "No Place for Hate" programs in Mass. schools and towns – which demonizes people with traditional values. Commentary by Brian Camaenker, The Jewish Advocate

The Ogonowski question: Should pro-family activists support a candidate for Congress who is pro-choice & pro-gay because he's a Republican?

August 2007

Homosexual groups GLSEN, PFLAG, & GLAD file in US First Circuit Court to stop appeal in David Parker lawsuit. Reveals nationwide importance of Parker's court action.

July 2007

Special Report: David Parker & Parents' Rights (in Lexington, Mass. schools) – Index to exclusive coverage.
7-31-2007 update

22 conservative leaders challenge National Review to come clean on Romney

Boston man failed Mass. Bar Exam because he refused to answer question on 'gay marriage' – filed federal lawsuit.

Prominent national 'gay' activist leaves homosexuality – declares lifestyle 'repulsive'
Photo & audio

June 2007

Romney made huge fortune while workers lost jobs, stockholders and creditors lost money (Ampad)

Assessing Mass. Marriage movement effort, Constitutional Convention, & Mitt Romney. Commentary by R. T. Neary (former president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life; director of ProLife Massachusetts)

Twelve "pro-family" co-sponsors of Parents Rights Bill cave in to fringe homosexual group. Formally withdraw support of bill.

VoteOnMarriage Failed the People. MassResistance Blog Commentary by Amy Contrada: Failure of amendment was predicted.

Mother with 9-year-old son charged with assault and battery after reacting to sexual-laced verbal attack by homosexual activist. Photos.

Roll Call Votes on Marriage Amendment at Mass. Legislature Constitutional Convention. Also State House News report: "Legislature affirms gay marriage, defeats ban."

VIDEO: Massachusetts Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of House publicly congratulate homosexual activists.  Minutes after defeat of Marriage Amendment on State House steps.  Video.

Defeat of Mass. VoteOnMarriage Amendment: Photos inside & outside State House on June 14, 2007. Hundreds demonstrate at State House during Constitutional Convention on marriage amendment. Homosexual activists celebrate and gloat after Legislature kills amendment. Gov. Patrick, Speaker of House DiMasi, Senate President Travaglini, and others publicly congratulate homosexual activists. Photo report.

Roll call of the vote: Defeat of marriage amendment.

David Parker addresses 20,000 at massive march and rally in Puerto Rico, with TV coverage, as citizens take to streets over proposed “civil unions” law. Warns Puerto Ricans: "You need a zero tolerance policy."  Photos

A Report on the Pro-life Views of Governor Mitt Romney

"Gay Pride Week" event: "Boston Dyke March" parade through Boston displays sickness of lesbian movement. Photos

Demonstration outside restaurant as traitorous Rep. Angelo Puppolo is honored by pro-homosexual legislators & activists. Betrayed promises to pro-family supporters

Mayor of Boston holds ceremony to raise rainbow flag over Boston City Hall

An Open Letter to the Editors of National Review from 22 Conservatives. Concerned over magazine's support for Romney.

May 2007

Senate Ways & Means Chairman hires notorious anti-family homosexual activist as staffer. Also helps coordinate events for Senate President Therese Murray

Planned Parenthood, homosexual lobby converge at Education Comm. hearing to push mandatory homosexuality/sex-ed bill and to stop new parents rights bill. Also: Planned Parenthood's phony "coalition" for pushing their mandatory sex-ed / homosexuality / abortion counseling bill. Photo reports.

Why we keep fighting - a Memorial Day Message. Commentary by Brian Camenker

MassResistance calls for a citizens' "Bill of Rights" regarding public hearings in the State House.

Planned Parenthood push for House Bill H597: The Massachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks. Analysis. Document could become legal guide to what children are taught in school.

Planned Parenthood's "health" bill H597 (also S288). Mandates extremely offensive and controversial topics as requirements for graduation in public schools. Bill language and sponsors.

Education Committee Public Hearing May 15 - list of bills

Homosexual "Youth Pride" event in downtown Boston mixes kids with homosexual activists. Includes: Background. Speeches on the Boston Common. Parade through Boston. Transgender prom at Boston City Hall.

Mass. pro-life movement sells its soul. Honors Mitt Romney, phony pro-life politician, after big donation. Photo report.

Homosexual movement attempts to derail Parents Rights Bill, makes absurd, libelous charge that Brian Camenker is "holocaust denier"

MassResistance calls for a citizens' "Bill of Rights" regarding public hearings in the State House. The average citizen is too often treated with disrespect and condescension.
May 2007

April 2007

The "anti-bullying" agenda comes to Massachusetts - a front for more programs from the homosexual lobby. May 1. Bills before Education Committee; Hearing on May 1.

Another homosexual-activist harrassment tactic: phone calls to private homes

Indoctrination of homosexual lifestyle in elementary school – Videos
From It's Elementary – produced by homosexual activists with scenes from elementary schools in Mass. and NY.  Videos

May 12, 2007 homosexual "Youth Pride Day": tax supported, vulnerable kids, disturbed adults 
Parts 1-4. Photos & video

"Day of Silence" at Brookline High School (Massachusetts), April 25, 2007. A sample of propaganda given to children and posters on the walls. Also that day: Pandemonium at high school as "Day of Defiance" challenges pro-homosexual "Day of Silence." Students storm and assault handful of conservative demonstrators, screaming profanities, obscene gestures as faculty members stand and watch. Photos.

Panel of gay legislators testify for bill to forbid "civil rights" issues from appearing on referendum. Attempt to make "gay marriage" off limits in constitutional amendments. State House News report.

Boston Globe publishes Easter Sunday feature on females having breasts removed and growing beards – to become men. "This is the latest subculture to emerge at the elite women’s colleges in the Northeast known as the Seven Sisters – young women, some still teenagers, who ... are exploring the possibility of growing up to be men." Photos.

March 2007

2007 GLSEN Boston Conference – pushing the envelope further to twist the minds of children to accept homosexuality, transgenderism, and other behaviors. Workshop descriptions.

Newly created Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth meets. "I feel I saw the face of evil last night." Photos.

Romney buys support from conservative movement. Link to article by David D. Kirkpatrick in New York Times.

Mitt Romney loses temper at campaign stop in Chicago when questioned about his role in same-sex "marriage" in Mass. Sandy Rios reports how Presidential candidate responded to embarrassing question at meeting.

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC draws thousands. Includes: CPAC gathering demonstrates how America's conservative movement is floundering, lacks a soul and Romney campaign buys victory in CPAC presidential straw poll.
March 1-3, 2007

"They won't know what hit them" – how millions of national homosexual dollars are targeting state house races across America, including Massachusetts. Atlantic Monthly article by Joshua Green. "The software mogul Tim Gill has a mission: Stop the Rick Santorums of tomorrow before they get started. How a network of gay political donors is stealthily fighting sexual discrimination and reshaping American politics."
March 2007

February 2007

NARAL & AIDS Action Committee ask state to stop accepting federal funds for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in schools. State House News

Homosexual lobby fundraiser for new "Commission on GLBT Youth." No longer under the Governor's control, announced Commission's new direction: pushing transgenderism. Photo report.

David Parker's federal civil rights lawsuit against Lexington school officials begins Feb. 7 in Boston. Aggressive arguments expected at hearing on Motion to Dismiss by defendants.

Gov. Romney's universal health care program for Massachusetts includes taxpayer-funded abortions. Legislation names Planned Parenthood as member of advisory board. MassResistance exclusive report.

January 2007

Homosexual lobby plans 2007 strategy to push agenda in Mass. Legislature. "Grass tops" approach to pressuring lawmakers, and more. InNews Weekly article by Chuck Colbert.

The video that the Romney campaign dreads Debating Ted Kennedy – arguing about which of them is more liberal. Video

Letter from 44 conservative leaders across America challenged Romney on claim he ‘defended’ marriage and the constitution. Urged Romney to act before leaving office. Letter was ignored. MassResistance press release.

Romney campaign sends out press release personally attacking Brian Camenker Undignified & unpresidential reaction to MassResistance report on Romney's record.

Letter from gay "adult/youth" group member in Maine reveals homosexual sex with kids as young as 14 at meetings.
Jan. 2007

Six new bills before the Legislature, 2007-8 session filed by MassResistance. Including Parents Rights Bill - S321. Problems with alternative "parents rights" bills.
Jan. 2007

Driver's License renewal in Massachusetts includes "transsexual" checkoff
Early 2007


Joint Letter to Governor Mitt Romney from Pro-Family Leaders. Urging him to declare immediately that homosexual "marriage" licenses issued in violation of the law are illegal and to issue an order to all state and local officials to cease violating the law.

"Transgender Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day" at Newton, Mass. high school: Transsexual lectures students.

Homosexual activists disrupt peaceful pro-marriage rally held by VoteOnMarriage at Worcester City Hall, Massachusetts. Catholic activist Larry Cirignano targeted with charges of assault & battery, civil rights violations! Boston Globe reports.
Dec. 16-19, 2006

Timeline Documents Romney's Role in Creating Same-Sex "Marriages" by Amy Contrada.

The Mitt Romney Deception: Special Report on his record as Governor in Massachusetts, by Brian Camenker

Massachusetts General Election – Nov. 7, 2006. Legislature & Statewide Races - Voting Results & Analysis

Elementary school teaching cross-dressing and transgenderism in the 3rd grade! Includes "Nightmare at Franklin [School]," by Tom Mountain, Newton Tab.
Nov. 2006

Human Rights Campaign Banquet in Boston

What really happened in the Goodridge "gay marriage" court ruling?

Glen Lavy (Alliance Defense Fund): defense of Gov. Romney's actions on "gay marriage" ruling, and rebuttal.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is same-sex "marriage" legal in Massachusetts? By Robert Paine, Esq.

"Friendly" protest at NH Republican Convention Sept. 24. Reminding them that Romney was reponsible for implementing "gay marriage" in Mass.

Letter from Atty. Robert Paine to Tony Perkins (Family Research Council): "No argument for the legality of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts can survive an examination either of the state constitution or of the Supreme Judicial Court's own case law."

This is the Massachusetts marriage license. "Party A &Party B" replace "Bride & Groom." Implemented by Gov. Romney's executive officials in May 2004.

Major national gay groups, ACLU, and others file briefs in federal court opposing David Parker’s civil rights lawsuit on teaching homosexuality in elementary school.

District Attorney decides not to prosecute David Parker, drops criminal trespass case. No admission of guilt - still presumed innocent. "It's a great result," says Parker's lawyer. But Lexington Supt.t continues to ban Parker from all school property. Photos

"Who's in a family?" in the Diversity Book Bag sent home with David Parker's son in Jan. 2005. Excerpts and illustrations from book.

Estabrook Elementary School (Lexington, Mass.) Anti-Bias Curriculum

Massachusetts Primary Races - Sept. 19, 2006. Election Results & Analysis

Defendants in David Parker's Federal Civil Rights lawsuit file 57-page motion to dismiss case. ACLU brief.

Romney's Mass. Dept. of Social Services (DSS) honors "married" male couple as "Parents of the Year" – asks them to adopt another child.

Top lobbyist for State House lobbying group arrested for soliciting oral sex from UMass students. Is also member of Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Photos.

Mass. House Speaker Sal DiMasi conducted fundraiser for state's most powerful homosexual lobbying group MGLPC. Twisted arms of legislators to vote for new "Commission on GLBT Youth."

Legislature's roll-call vote (July 12) to postpone constitutional convention on marriage amendment until Nov. 9 (after fall elections)

Cave-in by pro-family reps: Massachusetts Legislature's 2007 budget includes new, independent "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth" with expanded powers. We got the votes to uphold the governor's veto of it, but in sleazy "reconsideration" move several "pro-family" reps caved in to pressure and sold out your kids. Roll call vote.
July 2006

Open Letter to David Parker by Editor of homosexual newspaper Bay Windows

David Parker's first-grade son surrounded and beaten up at school. Caps year-long public campaign of anti-Parker hate by pro-gay activists in town. Also, "It could happen here," by Tom Montain (Newton Tab.) Photos
June 2006

Demand Gov. Romney veto by July 4 deadline!
June 2006

Mass. Legislature’s 2007 budget would create new “super” Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth "not subject to the control of any other department or agency"
June 2006

FY2007 Budget: Mass. Legislature poised to QUADRUPLE funding for homosexual programs in schools – to nearly $2 million (or more)
June 2006

Detail of the Mass. Legislature's 2007 budget. Funding homosexual programs targeting schoolchildren and expanded "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth"
June 2006

Mass. Legislature's 2007 budget: funding homosexual programs targeting schoolchildren and expanded "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth"
June 2006

How bad is it in Massachusetts Schools? Index to previous reports
June 2006

Massachusetts using state money to export the "gay" revolution in public schools to other states. DOE "Safe Schools" Employee's 2002 testimony before California State Senate pushing homosexual programs in schools.
June 2006

"Gay Pride Week" in Boston– what it's really all about. Includes vulgar act by drag queen emcee "Hedda Lettuce" on Boston Common. Unbelievable handouts. Events and sponsors.
June 2-11, 2006

Macy's Department Store in Boston has prominent display window for "Gay Pride Week" complete with "transgender mannequins." Taken down after one business day – after MassResistance pressure! Photo report. Also: Macy's backs down.

Scenes from the "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" activities – Youth Pride day on May 13, 2006. Photo report

Press Release: Article 8 / MassResistance calls for Gov. Romney to disband phony “Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth” and not cave in to homosexual lobby. (Romney had decided to disband Commission, then buckled to pressure and changed his mind, according to published newspaper and TV reports.)

Gov. Mitt Romney's office and Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth promoting huge gay/transsexual youth rally and march in Boston on Saturday, May 13. Followed by gay youth "prom" at Boston City Hall. Photo report.
Early May, 2006

David Parker and other parents file federal civil rights lawsuit against Town of Lexington et al. over teaching homosexuality to young children. A groundbreaking legal action for the rights of parents. Photos

GLSEN's "Day of Silence" in Massachusetts schools, including GLSEN's list of participating Mass. schools. Photo report. MassResistance list of participating schools.

Parents outraged: Second-grade teacher (in David Parker's school) reads King & King to class. A "modern fairy tale" on homosexual romance and marriage. Communications between parents & school officials. Images & excerpts from book.

"Forum on Marriage Equality" sponsored by Quincy, Mass. Human Rights Commission. Photo report.

Hate speech at Brandeis University: Brian Camenker and MassResistance not welcomed at welcoming school Photo report.

Education Committee executive session on March 6. Photos

Good & Bad Bills in the State House - Education & Judiciary Committees. Legislature has until March 15 to decide if bills get sent to floor, or killed. 
March 2006

Worcester police charge pastor $6,200 to hold Christian event as pro-gay activists scream, protest and chant outside. Mayor Tim Murray and city's Human Rights Commission oppose "Mr. Hetero Contest." Death threats to pastor organizing event.

"The Books were a front for the porn: The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement," by Ronald G. Lee, New Oxford Review
Feb. 2006

400 people descend on State House for public hearing on H1641 - mandatory health curriculum bill hearing.  Planned Parenthood there in force. Photos.

Propaganda pushing H1641 passed out to the Education Committee; scaring people with "facts" from the fraudulent "Youth Risk Behavior Survey"
Jan. 2006

History behind H1641 (and S102): Attempting to undo the work we did back in 1998 to REMOVE it from the core curriculum. Planned Parenthood lobby and gay activists refuse to give up.
Jan. 2006

Who's supporting H1641 in the Legislature. Definition of "health" in Mass. Curriculum Frameworks dictated by assorted libertines, Planned Parenthood abortion advocates, and homosexual extremists. What you can do to stop it.
Jan. 2006

Massachusetts high school wages war on US military recruiters! In Newton, Mass. January 2006

The same-sex "marriage" issue: Did Romney do the right thing when it counted?
Letter in Boston Globe by local activist.

Background on Bill H1641 - Would force a broad range of sexuality and homosexuality subjects on students as a requirement for graduation from Massachusetts public schools. Language of bill. Public hearing Jan. 31.
Jan. 2006

How H1641 (and S102) will affect children in Massachusetts; would make Health Curriculum Frameworks mandatory
Jan. 2006

Massachusetts State Agencies pushing homosexual activism in the public schools
Links to documents from Board of Education, dating back to the 1990s:
"Recommendations on the Support and Safety of Gay and Lesbian Students"
The Safe Schools Program for Gay & Lesbian Students
Gay/Straight Alliances: How to make it work
Gay/Straight Alliances: A Student Guide

10 Easy Steps to Starting a GSA


A Dangerous Proposal: Bill H1641 would make the state Health Curriculum Frameworks MANDATORY for graduation! Mass. Citizens for Life's analysis.
December 2005

Homosexual activists terrorize Boston church during ex-Gay conference while police watch. Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out” conference on homosexuality. Photos
Oct. 2005

"Sex and the Schoolkids," by Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe. Two boys at Brookline High School charged with statutory rape. Exposes bizarre mindset of school officials.

Press Release: David Parker jury trial set to begin Oct. 20

Parents' Rights Bill H1050 before the Education Committee on Oct. 27; strengthened Parental Notification & Consent Law

Comparison of 5 bills before committee on Oct. 27, 2005

How H1641 (and S102) will affect children in Massachusetts; would make Health Curriculum Frameworks mandatory
Oct. 2005

Parents fighting for the School Survey Consent Bill (S316). Analysis of Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey (2005)

INSIDE at the Constitutional Convention and At the Con-Con – Outside – Homosexual lobby "out" in force. Defeat of the Travaglini-Lees marriage amendment in Legislature.

David Parker's speech on the Lexington Battle Green to rally the parents of Massachusetts. Photo reports on rally:  1  2  3

Mitt Romney donated $10,000 to AIDS Action Committee in 2004. Radical homosexual "health" organization is publisher of "The Little Black Book," etc.
Aug. 2005

CA Supreme Court says country clubs must treat "domestic partners" as married couple despite successful referendum by people
Aug. 2005

Allstate Insurance Co. fires employee for privately writing article critical of homosexual behavior
Aug. 2005

Homosexual swans and suicide prevention? Gay activist reaction to Article 8 comments in front page Boston Globe article about female swan couple in Public Garden provides interesting insight into radical nature of movement.

David Parker's Aug. 2 Court Appearance. Arrogant Lexington city officials continue to ban Parker from all school property. Photos.

New "VoteOnMarriage" Constitutional Amendment petition inititive. Should you sign it? Was it watered down for the sake of expediency?
July 2005

Press Release: Pro-family groups oppose amendment to Mass. Constitution proposed by VoteOnMarriage.org Amendment would allow existing same-sex "marriages" to stand – and allow Legislature to create civil unions. Groups in Massachusetts and across America sign statement opposing effort. Statement of Principle

Archdiocese of Boston does the right thing: finally removes pro-homosexual activist priest
July 2005

2nd part of override of gay school money sent to floor, passes House and Senate
Gov. Romney responded to Article 8 supporters and included these in his list of budget items which he officially vetoed.

Inside "Bay Windows"– Boston's homosexual newspaper. [Caution: offensive material.] Links to MassResistance blog's report,"Gay" Bay Windows' Vile Attack on the Pope (4-9-2005). Photos

Governor Mitt Romney Press Conference at Massachusetts State House, June 16, 2005. Says he supports new VoteOnMarriage referendum for constitutional amendment but opposes effort to remove "gay marriage" justices. Complete transcript.

Statewide Rally for David Parker - June 5. Photos

Mass. Legislature budgets 70% more money for homosexual programs in schools in FY2006 and Mass. Legislature's FY2006 budget items passed June 23 giving even more money to homosexual programs in the schools!
June 2005

Boston politicians pay homage to "gay pride week" as homosexual flag is raised above Boston City Hall
June 3, 2005

David Parker's June 1 court hearing: Apparent heated discussion with judge regarding criminal trespassing charge. Lesbian activists show up to intimidate. Photos

Gov. Romney's "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" brings kids into Boston for bizarre Youth Pride parade

Public officials forced to react as MassResistance-Article 8 reveals pornographic homosexual how-to "Little Black Book" given to hundreds of kids at Brookline High School at GLSEN conference on April 30, 2005. Index to related stories. Photos.

"The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century." Handed out at Brookline High School at GLSEN event April 30, 2005. Written by AIDS Action Committee of Mass., with help with the Mass. Department of Public Health and Boston Public Health Commission. [Caution: pornographic images.] Photos & download.

Massachusetts schools using "safe zones" to counsel children who feel different - maybe they should "come out" as gay!
May 2005

Article 8 supporters & activists pack "surprise" Judiciary Committee hearing on Bill of Address to remove "gay marriage" judges. Photo report.

Public hearing for Bill of Address a HUGE SUCCESS despite efforts by homosexual lobby and late notice by Committee
April 12, 2005

Demonstration vs. Judicial Tyranny & $150 million renovation of John Adams Courthouse

Article 8 Alliance/Parents' Rights Coalition gets four important bills filed in the Mass. Legislature
January 2005

The infamous and depraved "Fistgate" incident Reposting of original article from Massachusetts News in 2000. Final lawsuit against Brian Camenker settled in his favor in 2005.
(Posted 2005)


1972 Gay Rights Platform: In February 1972 from the National Coalition of Gay Organizations. About 200 individuals from 18 states representing 85 organizations showed up for the two-day event. Conference participants adopted this Platform, which included 17 federal and state "demands."

"Transgender, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Awareness Day" at Newton North High School, Newton, Mass. Links to schedule of sessions; downloads of pro-homosexual handouts description of event; parents get ejected by police; subsequent attacks on the parents by principal, teachers, local media; newspaper column supporting parents by writer denied entrance to event.

Article 8 Alliance Press Conference on 1-year anniversary of illegitimate Mass. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex "marriage." Photo report.

Radical gay activist who disrupted Catholic Mass elected to Mass. House of Representatives

Gay activist's church antics may kiss off ballot win by Howie Carr, Boston Herald

Gay-marriage vote sparks fight in state races; Many people see the issue as central. By Raphael Lewis, Boston Globe. Gov. Romney against emphasis on issue.

National Public Radio interview: The homosexual marriage agenda in Massachusetts public schools becomes aggressive and militant since Court's same-sex marriage ruling. Includes transcript.

Lexington, Mass. demonstration against judicial tyranny at DNC special battle re-enactment. Photo report.

Demonstration for Bill of Address: Rep. Angelo Scaccia, House Rules Committee Chmn., blocking Bill of Address from moving to full House vote. Photo report.

Margaret Marshall responds to the bill of address
Op-ed in the Boston Herald: "Rights are a privilege: Freedom hinges on judges' free will"

Letter from Rep. Marie Parente (D-Milford) to Spkr. Thomas Finneran urging him to allow the bill of address to be voted on.

Demonstration for Bill of Address: Speaker Tom Finneran: Are You Listening?
Photo report.

New Massachusetts "Marriage License" allowing Party A/Party B couples. In use starting May 17, 2004
May 2004

The first homosexual "marriages" performed at Boston City Hall. Photo Report

The current Travaglini-Lees constitutional amendment: a terrible compromise

Article 8 Rally & Press Conference at State House: Announcing Bill of Address to Remove "Gay Marriage" Judges

Proposed Constitutional Amendment ("Travaglini-Lees" compromise)
March 2004

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall Violated the Code of Judicial Conduct
Early 2004

The Article 8 Alliance campaign to remove the "gay marriage" judges
January 2004:
Judicial tyranny: an illegitimate ruling and extra-constitutional act
What is a Bill of Address? How is it different from an impeachment?
History of the Bill of Address
How same-sex "marriage" will affect you
How the court-imposed homosexual "marriage" ruling can be stopped


The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Goodridge ruling on homosexual marriage

Gay Marriage is the latest ideological fad for elitists
Op-ed by Brian Camenker in The Jewish Advocate, written two months before SJC ruling. The only hard-hitting gay marriage article published in any Boston newspaper that year, it was earlier rejected by the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

British court orders that confessed pedophile must be allowed to work with children
August 2003


Fistgate Report in Massachusetts News. (Also see our Fistgate Special Report.)


"Parents Rights: The Sleeping Giant" by Michael Chiusano and Isabel Lyman. Written by two Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance) activists and published in National Review on July 30, 1996 – a month after the Massachusetts Legislature passed the original Parents' Rights Bill.


Framing the issue – How  the homosexual movement got into the Massachusetts schools. Kevin Jenning’s 1995 speech explains deceptive calls for “safety” and “suicide prevention.” First published by Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance) 12-1-1996; updated 4-6-2010.


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