December 2014

Major corporations funding 'gay' indoctrination in elementary schools. Help us stop it!12/28/2014

This is what major corporations are funding.

South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee votes to allow “gay” groups to march. Deceitful and dishonest tactics used, says prominent committee member.
Committee resignations and parade cancellations already beginning. 12/19/2014

The "new look" of the parade has sparked huge outrage.

Homosexual lobby pushes “gay marriage” law through final votes in Finnish Parliament at lightning speed.
Opponents vow to overturn it next year after national elections with new Parliament. 12/17/2014

Finnish Parliament narrowly votes for “gay marriage”. But still more hurdles before final passage. Big push to stop it.
12,000 Finns resign from Luthern Church after pro-gay marriage remarks by Archbishop! 12/8/2014

Reacting to LGBT ‘gala banquet’ in Boston:
Citizens confront corporate America’s funding of national homosexual movement.12/5/2014

November 2014

Finnish Parliament to vote on “gay marriage” Friday, Nov. 28. MassResistance materials being used nationwide.
Pro-family religious coalition fighting hard. Close vote predicted. Scott Lively video being broadcast nationally. 11/26/2014

MassResistance video "What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts" with Finnish subtitles was broadcast on national TV in Finland.

The Real Story of Thanksgiving
Not the multiculturalism and socialism revisionist history the Left has been pushing in public schools. 11/26/2014

Pressure on corporations funding national LGBT activist group -- after founder arrested for seducing boy.
Had major fundraising banquet in Boston on Saturday. 11/21/2014

Terrance Bean, Founder and current Board member of the LGBT group "Human Rights Campaign," was arrested Thursday for seducing a 15-year-old boy.

Fight back this week against major corporations funding ‘gay’ attacks on children, families, & society.
You can take action now! Also . . . Sign our PETITION to fight back! 11/16/2014

High school students fight back against culture of death. Bold challenge at abortion clinic!
These kids are the real thing - an inspiration to all of us! See their powerful 5 1/2 minute video. 11/10/2014

These students are on the front lines.

Mass. general election guide (and RESULTS) for Nov. 4
What the "non-partisan" voter guides didn't tell you. 10/30/2014 and 11/5/2014 Updated

October 2014

Pastor Scott Lively stirs up the Mass. Governor debates with his uncensored pro-family views!
Disliked by the media and political establishment. But conservatives love it! 10/26/2014

Analysis: How activists can stop the “gay marriage” steamroller
The New Movement 10/22/2014

Analysis of the Oct. 6 Supreme Court announcement:
How the pro-family movement helped spread “gay marriage” across America10/10/2014

The must-read book that explains the homosexual movement in America
“Making Gay Okay” by Robert Reilly is well-written, thorough, and does not pull any punches. (It even footnotes MassResistance web pages!) 10/10/2014

September 2014

Major LGBT group "Human Rights Campaign" targeting pro-family leaders with vicious attacks.
Reaction to pro-family successes stopping ‘gay marriage’ and LGBT agenda overseas.
Pastor Scott Lively and Brian Camenker of MassResistance among targets. 9/26/2014

Major US corporations funding vicious attacks on pro-family leaders by "Human Rights Campaign"
National homosexual-transgender group stops at nothing to push agenda in US and overseas 9/26/2014

Homosexual group demands that US State Dept hire special "gay" czar to push LGBT agenda harder around the world!
To combat US pro-family groups helping other countries fight back! 9/26/2014

Sept. 9 GOP primary races fall to the Establishment
Anti-conservative push by party. Stark comparison to Democrat tactics. 9/19/2014

Since "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repealed, male-on-male rape has become epidemic in the U.S. Military.
Bryan Fischer has written a devastating article revealing what the politicians in both parties are afraid to talk about. Very disturbing. 9/19/2014

LGBT movement organizing to mandate “gay history” in schools across America.
In California already. Starting now in Massachusetts. Their goal is to force it into schools nationwide. 9/18/2014

This video is now a mandatory part of the curriculum at Lowell High School in Lowell, Mass.

Pastor Scott Lively officially makes ballot for Governor of Mass. Speaking out on pro-family issues other candidates won't touch.
Submits over 12,500 valid signatures from 250 towns across the state!  9/3/2014

August 2014

How the Mass. GOP establishment worked tirelessly to try to destroy the campaign of Mark Fisher, conservative candidate for Governor.
Beyond outrageous. But as Sept. 5 primary nears, Tea Party activists are fighting back! 8/31/2014

How left-wing & anti-family is Charlie Baker, the Mass GOP establishment’s push for Governor?
Answer: Even more than when he ran four years ago! 8/31/2014

At "LGBT" Teachers Conference in Boston
Schools steering kids to outside adult/youth “LGBT clubs” in communities.
A dangerous intro to "gay" sexual behavior.  8/21/2014.

‘Gay marriage’ battle brewing in US Virgin Islands. Pastors fearlessly organizing to stop it.  MassResistance called on to help. 8/11/2014

Understanding the left: The Left isn’t pro-gay. It’s pro-power.  Part 3 in our series. 8/11/2014

As deadline passes, ALL radical bills stopped in Mass. Legislature!   Huge victory for pro-family citizens. 8/1/2014

July 2014

Goal of “gay” programs in schools: Persuade kids to “come out” early as homosexuals. Here’s how they do it.  At GLSEN LGBT Teachers Conference in Boston. 7/31/2014

New buffer zone bill passed House by 119 to 33 despite passionate debate from pro-family Reps. Quickly signed into law by Governor.  Constitutional issues ignored. Court challenge very likely. 7/30/2014

Homosexual movemen't and Planned Parenthood making final push this week in Mass. to pass radical, harmful bills targeting children. 7/29/2014

Public hearing on new Mass. “buffer zone” bill a disgraceful sham. Rushed through Senate.  Battle in full House on Wed. 7/23!  See our full report: It’s a stunning preview of what we can expect from the iron-fist politics of the Left in the age of Obama. Long-time State House observers we’ve talked to cannot recall anything like this. 7/22/2014

South Africa pro-family activists thank Mass­Resistance for help in fight against limits on pro-family expression!  MassResistance was first contacted a year ago by pro-family activists in South Africa. 7/21/2014

Must-read article: “Ten reasons why I am no longer a leftist”  We all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of uncontrollable abuse from liberals. Unfortunately, most of us don’t “get it.” 7/21/2014

Public hearing on new “buffer zone” bill July 16, 10:00 am -- at Mass. State House!  Life in the banana republic known as Massachusetts . . . 7/16/2014

Uncomfortable truth: The real violence & harass­ment outside abortion clinics is against pro-lifers.  It's the opposite of what you're being told. 7/16/2014

ANALYSIS: New buffer zone bill is outrageously oppressive and clearly unconstitutional.  What you need to know about this terrible legislation, including text of bill. 7/15/2014

Disinformation campaign begins as Mass. Governor and Attorney General announce they’re filing another "buffer zone" bill after Supreme Court 9-0 defeat!  Lies and hysteria at State House press conference. 7/14/2014

Head of Operation Rescue Boston sets record straight in powerful Boston Globe opinion article!  Bill Cotter's article, "Buffer zone rhetoric belies facts about pro-life demonstrators" confronts the disinformation and hysteria from the Left. 7/14/2014

Marriage victory in Finland! Parlia­men­tary committee votes down "gay marriage." Help from MassResistance. 7/3/2014

June 2014

Analysis: US Supreme Court unanimously strikes down Mass. abortion clinic Buffer Zone law  Pro-family lawyers bring big defeat to abortion movement. 6/26/2014

"Gay Pride Week" in Boston reveals what the media doesn't tell you about the homosexual movement. Also: MassResistance protest at Gay Pride Parade draws anger & vitriol! 6/24/2014

The "New England Leather Alliance," a sado-masochist group, had a prominent presence in Boston Gay Pride. Note the logo on their banner includes a lash.

Justina Pelletier is finally released! Shows the power of citizen outrage against government force. But is this nightmare our future? Can we stop it? 6/18/2014

Answering the lie of “gay marriage and the wrong side of history” Great Boston Globe column by Jeff Jacoby. 6/14/2014

Obscene anti-Catholic group leading 'Gay Pride Parade' in Boston this weekend Despite the group's long history of extreme bigotry, politicians and corporations are marching in it and funding it. 6/11/2014

LGBT Teachers Conference in Boston, Part III
How schools are pushing transgenderism to children. More radical and aggressive than ever.  This doesn't happen by accident. 6/6/2014

Bill in Massachusetts to ban counseling on homosexuality for youth -- derailed after MassResistance lobbying push!  National effort by homosexual movement to ban counseling. Bills filed in state legislatures across America. Being stopped by pro-family outrage. 6/3/2014

Major homosexual activist in Mass. Legislature resigns to lead AIDS group. Reveals he has HIV.  Carl Sciortino disrupted a Catholic Mass in 2003 over Church's marriage stand. 6/3/2014

May 2014

MassResistance and the marriage fight around the world - UPDATE  Spain, Finland, Hong Kong, and more. 5/28/2014

The latest push: "Gay" clubs for kids in middle schools!  Here's how they get them in -- and what comes with them. 5/23/2014

"GLBT" teachers conference in Boston reveals latest plans to push homosexuality even further into schools.  Well organized, fueled with taxpayer dollars. Exclusive report from MassResistance. Coming to your school soon. 5/13/2014

This sign is showing up in classrooms across the country!

MassResistance helping fight "gay marriage" around the world. Battles in Hong Kong, Finland, and more.  Show your solidarity with pro-family forces everywhere . . . 5/6/2014

April 2014

Battle to free Justina Pelletier continues in Massachusetts -- on the streets and in the State House! 04-29-14

MassResistance confronts City of Boston's proposed sex-change city insurance requirement. A destructive measure to please a radical special interest. 4-17-2014

Bill to free Justina Pelletier making waves in Massachusetts Legislature. Some shameful hostility among GOP Reps. Your help is making a difference! 4-11-2014

Bill to immediately free Justina Pelletier from state custody filed in Mass. Legislature, despite reluctance among politicians. 4-6-2014

March 2014

Candidate Scott Lively upends Mass. LGBT gubernatorial debate. Doesn't flinch from truth about the behaviors! A lesson for the pro-family movement around the country. 3-31-2014

Huge victory in Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade. Organizers stand up to pressure by politicians and media to include hardcore homosexual group. Key politicians, labor unions, others join parade! 3-20-2014

Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade fighting political and financial pressure to include hardcore homosexual group. But not giving in! 3-14-2014

"Gay" lobby pushing radical changes to Mass. school "anti-bullying" laws To silence opposing opinions, force diversity training, and more. Passed House, now in Senate! 3-11-2014

'Kangaroo court' convicts pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio on 3 charges - for holding sign on public sidewalk 3-4-2014

February 2014

Mainstream media in Mass. starts campaign to normalize transgenderism and sex-changes for schoolchildren! MassResistance fights back on national radio. 2-25-2014

A boy marching in state-supported "Youth Pride" parade in Boston.

MassResistance announces fight to stop the "war against children" in Massachusetts 2-8-2014

This infamous book, Queering Elementary Education has been widely used by school staff across the state.

January 2014

Homosexual legal group forcing Catholic school to hire man who's "married" to another man Despite school's refusal 1/31/2014

Update: Pro-family Jamaicans continue their bold fight against repealing law banning open homosexuality in their country 1/23/2014

Abortion clinic 'buffer zone' law before US Supreme court; exposing the 'big lie' behind it. National implications. 1/23/2014

Holding a sign outside of a Massachusetts abortion clinic.

Utah fighting federal judge's ruling overturning state's Marriage AmendmentMassResistance working closely with activists. 1/14/2014


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